Our Products

We manufacture harnesses to customer specification. Our experienced and dedicated engineering team are prepared to offer their services at any stage of the harness development process.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality control. All wiring looms and assemblies are 100% electrically and visually inspected before packing.

This ensures that no faulty product is passed onto our customers and that feedback is immediately available to the production areas so that process adjustment and training needs can be addressed.






  • Wiring Harnesses 
  • Box Build
  • Panel Wiring
  • Cable Assemblies 
  • Cable & Components 
  • Cable Looms
  • Control Boxes
  • Wiring Looms 
  • Cable Harnesses 
  • Control Panels 
  • Earth Braids
  • Battery Cable 
  • Power Leads
  • Ribbon Cables